The Origin of Title of Website - Spiritual Logicality

Title of website

Logical spirituality and the spiritual logicality there were two topics in front of us to choose for the website. And we have chosen Spiritual Logicality. There are some reasons behind it.

First the availability - First we opted for "Logical Spirituality" but fortunately this was not available. And then we rethink about the glory of the thoughts which will be represented here on the website. Which one will give the more space in its lap to let all types of spiritual talks. Then "Spiritual Logicality" give this space and we opted this.

There are not so big differences between both the topics if we see both names but the "Logical Spirituality" which means that whatever will be the talk about spirituality will according to the logics. And this topics give the priority to the logic. This indicates that logics are more prior then spirituality. But the second one "Spiritual Logicality" means that whatever is the Logicality which means according to valid reasoning and rational should be spiritual. It directs logics to go through spirituality, without spiritual power there are no logics. It will become pond without water. There is all arrangements according to the scientific study but the purpose is not there. The purpose of a pond to save the water. But who will see, who will approach the pond when they won't get water from there. Pond will become worthless. Similarly logics without spirituality are worthless like pond without water. Spirituality is the essence of logics. Logics are made to understand spirituality. Spirituality is not made to give any proof of its existence to anybody. So in the later one spirituality is more prior or the only thing which deserves attentions not logics. Logics could be many but the destination of all those logics is spirituality.

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