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Religion for us

Today my friend told me to write an article for our blog "Spiritual Logicality". Actually he has been insisting me for 3 days and I was ignoring him. I ignored him because there was my inside not one with my outside and this is very important for being able to deliver something spiritual and logistic. There are many topics and there are many people with them but what I see that in our country one subject have got a lot of attention, which is Religion. In this process one more article from our blog. Now a days we become more opened up to the other religions too. We accept their thoughts, their philosophy and we find that these are too much similar to our inherent religion. Then the process of secularism started in our life but are we become really secular?
There are four stages of religion or we also can say of secularism according to our mind.

1: At the upper level of mind that is upper conscious which is created by our daily work, thought process and by our self after watching intense speeches of some great orators. Yes we've become secular. But this is the upper level. Now let's go inside, to the lower level.

2: Lower conscious mind shows our natural behavior. Here the awareness becomes a little pronounce and we react according to our nature without control on our activities (only 5% control). Let take an example if somebody abuse your inherent religion you got angry. You want to control your anger but it controls you this is what you've learned and earned from your childhood and your environment. It may be possible you could make fight if somebody dares to exploit your religion but is there similar reactions of your when somebody abuses or exploits other religion that is untouched by your thoughts and life. Never, you won't do anything. Yes, it may be possible that you could oppose him just due to your philosophy of being secular but you won't angry. If you got angry then this is not due to abuses of that man. It's due to non-acceptance of your thoughts which you have put in front of him to oppose him, to prove yourself right.
Now if you pause, rethink, analysis your philosophy and thoughts you find you are not secular, you were just trying to be like that. But you have not success yet.

3: Third layer which is called upper subconscious comes when you will surpass 2nd layer and accept that you are not secular. You will stop arguing if somebody try to exploit your religion or other religion. You will not get that much angry. If you feel some anger than you will automatically start to observe it. You will become angrier or you will laugh aloud at yourself. This anger and laugh will not for any other person or due to any conflicts about religions but this will due to conflicts inside you,due to contradiction of your thoughts and behavior. At this stage you can’t be angry on others, you can't laugh on others, whatever you will do just due to yourself and your fight with I.

4: The fourth stage is the lowest and deepest of your mind but it puts you on the height of Divine Peace. At this state you won't angry from anyone, you won't laugh anymore. You become so peaceful that you could be defined as religion. Whatever you will do just to sake of mankind and sake of this universe. You will describe religions like Vivekananda and Paramhansh. You will become Buddha. All people will seek you just to see you, just to hear your voice rapped and mixed with Divine honey. It may also happens that they believe you more than religions and this is very obvious. If I show you the pictures of beautiful Himalayan and other side I show you pictures of path to Himalayan. You will say Himalayan is more beautiful than the path. If they select the Himalayan than they won't reach Himalaya ever. And if you select the path to Himalayan then you also bewildered in the path because you have never seen Himalayan you do not know the beauty of Himalayan. If you are in the fourth stage then you will show all those who seeks you the path from where they could attend what you achieved. Now they become more humble toward the religions (path) and they will admired by you by seeing you (Himalayan). You will work as motivation for them or as a bet for them. And they all will seek the Himalayan (peace like you) through the proper path (Religions).

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