What Makes Monks?

What Makes Monks?

Is really bonds make us less spiritual and is this the only reasons of being a saint, a monk and free from all bonds? Some will say yes and some will say no. They all have some reasons, some examples for their support. But both are true. These are situations, environment around us and our inner voice which make us to choose the path either of monk like Vivekananda or householder like Arjuna, the great warrior.
Some householders asks me is this necessary to be a monk?
Why pain of living in hut without family, are they mad?
Who told them to do this?
Other side I've listened some vagabonds all world is living in a cycle, they are running like mad dogs here and there but the difference is that the dog stop after some time whether it is mad but the human beings are running and running endlessly without stoppage, panting for a breath of peace. They says that they had stopped and now they are free from each and every desire. There is no sorrow only the constant happiness covered them until their death.
Both are right but contradict each other. I will say it again if you see the place, time and situations we will be near their heart and we'll know that why they chose to eat unripe food and living without family, this is also true for the householders up to the same extent.

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