Stones, Mankind and Their Destiny

Stones, Mankind and Their Destiny
Words are no more and so vast. Technology make the world at single screen by a single word Google. Miracles becomes old things and we relate it directly to the science and tricks. Past days engulfed the excitement of seeing something different. We rarely surprised of things and happening. Nowadays it becomes so common and excitement is so rare. But where were these magics, excitements, enthusiastic approach and lovely eyes searching something lovable gone? There was a  time when these were the ornaments of living beings and the deads were buried with their jewelleries as they knew that these are mortal like our bodies.
Now situation has changed, the living things are vanishing and the mortals taking over the old place of living qualities. It is not wrong to say that it almost had taken lead.
Have you ever listened that a dead body is making fun and searching for happiness and excitement? You ever saw the stones chatting with each other’s? Once the dead body which ever wanted something and lived in this earth is at the home of dead, in graveyard. The stone which was once the part of great Himalayan or of great Mountains is now stone. They are mortals now because they had run after it. The dead run for wealth and power and the stone sought the zenith of mountain. Neither the wealth was forever nor the zenith. This is the zenith which faces the vibration of any movement in the very end but the movement becomes so hard and frightening at the top that he can't hold on that position of pride. It becomes stone which is kicked and rolled out by foot of mankind. This becomes its destiny. Similarly the man of grave did not feel it until the earthquake in the form of his death.
Now think if stones did not try to climb up then what happened? There is two possibility either he remain beside the lower layer and become slowly a big hill by erosion of mountain or it may be crushed by the weight of the great mountain. If he became the hill then it may nourished some villages if not then surely some biodiversities. It became the reason of life. Let take other possibility if the stone were crushed then it became the soil the very part of any civilization, the reason of life of trees and through that all beings life. Similarly this is true for the man of grave. If he was the source of life and inspiration then he may became the reason of ways of people like our great leader Vivekananda. Even though his physical presence is no more but his thoughts make sure his presence in millions of hearts as inspiration of life and way toward immortality.
The rush for mortals will destroyed the concentration and seize the miracles. There is the only life which gives us the feelings of be here now and will give you the most beautiful reason to do so and that is to live unconditionally.

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